List of Service Charges

Service charges
01 Collection of cheques/demand drafts/pay orders
i) Local Clearing
ii) Outstation

02 Cheques Return Charges
i) Returning of unpaid cheques (Inward Cheques)
ii) Unrealized cheques
(Tendering cheques)


Return charges Rs.50/-per instrument In case of outstation cheques other banker's charges+postage II charges+return charges of Rs.75/-
03 Discount of Drafts/pay order
i) Local
Salary cheques
Rs.10/-per 1000/-for 3 days
I Rs.12/-per 1000/-for above 3 days
Rs.10/-per account
04 Commission for Issue of pay orders Pay orders for every Rs.100
(a) 0.25ps to Public
(b) 0.l0ps to Members
(c) 0.20ps to Non-Members(A/c holders who maintains minimum balance Rs.1000 in SB & Rs.2000 in CA (Subject to minimum of Rs.25+GST)
05 Issue of duplicate demand drafts or pay order

Cancellation of pay order/DD
(a) Per instrument upto Rs.50,000/-Rs.22+GST
(b) Above Rs.5.0,00D/-upto Rs.1,00,000/-Rs.100/-+GST
(c) Above Rs.1,00,000}-Rs.150/-+GST
(For loss of pay orders-Indemnity Bond(upto Rs.5000/- Rs.20/-Stamp Paper, above Rs.5000/-Rs.100/-Stamp Paper) to be taken)
50% of original charges.
06 Issue of Cheques Books Current A/c and SB A/c (a)First cheque book is free of cost both in SB and Current 1 account
(b) Rs.2/-per cheque leaf for all the subsequent cheque both in 1 SB/CA account
C)Personalized cheques: Rs.3/-per cheque leaf for all the subsequent cheque both in SB/CA account
07 Issue of Pass sheets
(i) Current/OD/CC Accounts
(ii) SB Account

Rs.5/-per sheet
08 A/c Closing charges
(i) SB Account
(ii) Current Account

09 Safe Deposit Lockers (only to members)
Extra Big
Jumbo Big
Hire charges
Minimum 2 years Rent payable in Advance
10 Loan Application fee
(a) Property Loan
(b) All other loans except loan Against Deposits and gold

11 Loan processing charges
(i) Loans against gold Ornaments
(ii) All other kinds of loans (Secured and unsecured,except deposit loans)

0.60% Processing charges

Upto Rs.10,000         Rs.100/­
Rs.10,001 to 15,000      Rs.150/­
Rs.15,001 to 25,000      Rs.200/­
Rs.25,001 to 50,000     Rs.400/­
Rs.50,001 to 1,00,000    Rs.1000/­
Above 1 Lakh 0.50%
(subject to minimum of Rs.1000/-& Maximum of Rs.50,000/-+ Rs.500/-DTD charges+ 500 stamp paper charges for surety agreement)
12 Take over of Loans(Except loans against Deposit,LIC NSC,Gold and Surety Loans) Take over upto 2 years   -5% of Take over outstanding amount
Above 2 years            -3% of Take over outstanding amount
13 Issue of Bank Guarantees Rs.5/-per 1000/- P.A
14 OD Loan
Commitment charges for non utilization of sanctioned limits
0.05% commitment charges on unutilised portion(per month)
15 Non maintenance of minimum balance both is SB/CA Rs.10/- per Month
16 Incidental charges for current account. Rs.350/-P.A
17 Legal and Valuation Fees (Each case)
Upto 25 Lakhs
Above 25 Lakhs to 75 Lakhs
Above 75 Lakhs
Valuation   Legal   EC Searching/Revenue  Total
2000    1500      1800       5300
3500    3000      1800       8300
5000    3500      1800       10300
*GST applicable for Valuation Fees
18 Loan Recovery charges Minimum of Rs.200/- to Maximum of Rs.300/- (Notice issued by Hand)
l.Postal Notice charges,ordinary(loans & surety)Rs.50/- 2.Postal Notice charges Reg.Post(loans &surety)Rs.100/-
Gold loan
l.Postal Notice charges,ordinary Rs.25.00
2.Postal Notice charges,Reg.Post Rs.50.00
19 Attestation Charges Rs.10/-per page
20 Stop Payment Charges Rs.100/-
21 RTGS Charges for single entry Upto Rs.10000/-      Rs.2.50
10001 to 100000     Rs.5.00
Rs.1,00,001 to 2,00,000   Rs.15.00
Rs.2,00,001 to 5,00,000  Rs.25.00
Rs.5,00,001 to Above   Rs.50.00
22 Treasury transaction for Excise licence renewal Rs.300/-for single Transaction
23 Loss of Token Rs.300/-
24 Cancellation of loan proposals after sanction
25 Share Application Rs.200/-
26 CIBIL Charges Individual person Rs.300/-
27 Schedule of ATM Card Charges
New Card Issue
Annual charges
Transaction (Financial & Non- Financial) at other Banks ATM in a Calender Month:
I) 3 Transactions Free
II)From 4th transaction:-
Balance Enquiry
Mini Statement
Cash Withdrawal
PIN Charge
Duplicate PIN
Transaction Slip Retrieval


Note: GST will be applicable for all charges.

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